My first encounter with Christopher Arunkumar was in seeking an accountant for some trust fund tax filing work I needed. Christopher is a recommended accountant on Dave Ramsey's financial website. Days later we met during lunch hour not far from my office. A week later or less, we met again to review his completed filing. At his suggestion, I granted Christopher IRS POA to review trust numbers with IRS records for that tax year. He also emailed my advisor for numbers needed to finalize capital gains figures.

What he produced was a finished tax filing adhering to high compliance and confidence levels.

Realizing his IRS information gathering abilities, I asked Christopher if he might help with an earlier tax issue I could not resolve. My tax records for one year were lost. An accountant who received it dropped out of business due to poor health. His successor never completed it and was out of business a few seasons later. Christopher reconstructed my information using IRS data under a granted POA, and completed my lost filing in about two weeks time.

Six to eight weeks later, the IRS demanded a late penalty. Chris asked me to write a letter explaining my situation and used it with other appeal material he filed. The IRS later reduced the penalty by more than two thousands dollars.

I also consulted with Christopher on the formation of an LLC company that he later filed to create. In its planning stages, he redirected his personal lunch plans with an attorney and invited me to join them. We discussed issues and they provided a roadmap I followed that had the accounting and legal insights I needed in order to achieve success.

I am certainly thankful to Christopher and would personally recommend him to you.


Frank Ianno

We had hired domestic employee with a mutual understanding that she will be paid a gross salary and that she will file self employment taxes. When we decided to release her from our work due to our geographic move, she decided to threaten us for not filing her taxes, and her inability to get unemployment income. We were introduced to Mr. Christopher M. Arunkumar by our financial advisor. Right from the onset, we realized that Mr. Arunkumar is a true professional, with wealth of experience and excellent work ethics. We were dealing with a time sensitive issue of back filing taxes. We found him to be extremely diligent; detail oriented, and despite this we were able to fulfill all the necessary steps with various government agencies in a timely manner. Mr. Arunkumar educated us on ongoing issues through regular communication and we were able to legally abide by all the requirements. Our employee went to the extent of filing a baseless harassment suit against us. He supported us through this process as well, including helping us identify a strong attorney. He went far and beyond his initial work agreement, guiding us through this rather stressful process over several months. All ended well. I have no hesitation to forward my highest recommendation for Mr. Arunkumar.


My wife and I are having our first child so taking steps to insure our future as well as our growing family’s future was important. When I met with Chris I felt like our taxes and our finances were good hands. Even though we are just a small family Chris made us feel like wewere his biggest account. Chris listens to your business plans as well as your future personal plans and guides you in the right direction. When we needed a realtor for our new home, Chris gave us several great recommendations to aid us in our search. When we were concerned about if we were properly investing our money, Chris again recommended several great people to work with. When it came time to do our taxes Chris not only saved us a lot of money by finding all the right deductions, but we also felt extremely confident that everything was done the right way!! With a growing family, and new home we have had a lot of important choices to make in the last couple of months that have kept us up at night. Having Chris as an accountant, knowing we could always ask him for help is one thing that keeps us at ease. We are proud to not only call Chris our accountant but we are also proud to call him part of our growing family.


~Salvatore Vumbaca


After a very difficult period in our lives where my wife was a victim of a violent crime and I was dealing with a debilitating disability we found ourselves over $57,000 behind on our taxes. We did not have the money to pay it off or the income to make the required payments.

In our desperation, we reached out to Chris Arunkumar for help in negotiating with the IRS. He was not only professional and very patient when working with us: He was also kind, personable and very reasonable with his fees.

Chris did an amazing job negotiation with the IRS on our behalf. They agreed to reduce our $57,000 in tax debt to $12,000 with a payment plan we could handle.
As someone who has worked as an accountant my entire career, Chris stands out as someone who has an exceptionally high level of knowledge when it comes to tax laws and negotiations with the IRS. I have worked with a lot of accountants who claim to specialize in taxes, none of them approach Chris’ expertise.

Chris coming into our lives was a gift we will always cherish. He is not only passionate about what he does, but gives 100% to his clients. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to negotiate with the IRS I couldn’t think of anyone better than Chris.

~ Rachel & Moses



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