My wife and I are having our first child so taking steps to insure our future as well as our growing family’s future was important. When I met with Chris I felt like our taxes and our finances were in good hands. Even though we are just a small family Chris made us feel like we were his biggest account. Chris listens to your business plans as well as your future personal plans and guides you in the right direction. When we needed a realtor for our new home, Chris gave us several great recommendations to aid us in our search. When we were concerned about whether we were properly investing our money, Chris again recommended several great people to work with. When it came time to do our taxes, Chris not only saved us a lot of money by finding all the right deductions, but we also felt extremely confident that everything was done the right way! With a growing family, and new home we have had a lot of important choices to make in the last couple of months that have kept us up at night.Having Chris as an accountant, knowing we could always ask him for help is one thing that keeps us at ease. We are proud to not only call Chris our accountant but we are also proud to call him part of our growing family.

~Salvatore Vumbaca


We had hired a domestic employee with a mutual understanding that she would be paid a gross salary and that she would file self employment taxes. When we decided to release her from our work due to our geographic move, she decided to threaten us for not filing her taxes, and her inability to get unemployment income. We were introduced to Mr. Christopher M. Arunkumar by our financial advisor. Right from the onset, we realized that Mr. Arunkumar is a true professional, with wealth of experience and excellent work ethics. We were dealing with a time sensitive issue of back filing taxes. We found him to be extremely diligent and detail oriented, and despite this we were able to fulfill all the necessary steps with various government agencies in a timely manner. Mr. Arunkumar educated us on ongoing issues through regular communication and we were able to legally abide by all the requirements. Our employee went to the extent of filing a baseless harassment suit  against us. Mr. Arunkumar supported us through this process as well, including helping us identify a strong attorney. He went far and beyond his initial work agreement, guiding us through this rather stressful process over several months. All ended well. I have no hesitation to forward my highest recommendation for Mr. Arunkumar.


On behalf of the Session at Miller Memorial Presbyterian Church, I would like to extend our thanks for the Internal Controls Report that you recently provided and to acknowledge the time and effort you expended in preparation of that report. It is our understanding that you not only visited the church twice to review our records, you also met with representatives of the church at our Pastor's home and made yourself available by phone. That, plus the gift of your expertise and the time spent preparing the report, presented to us pro bono, provided us with information and professional guidance that a church of our size would otherwise have difficulty procuring.

Following proper accounting and record-keeping procedures and navigating the maze of tax and regulatory requirements is a challenge for any organization. For a church such as Millier Memorial, that relies on voluntary and part-time non-professional workers to accomplish those functions, that task can be quite daunting. Your report provided us with a clear road map to assure that our financial records and procedures are above reproach. The last thing to any organization wants is an unexpected visit from the "tax man." Your comments and suggestions will help us if such a visit should ever come about.

Once again, a sincere thank you for the generous gift of your time and expertise.

~Steve Lokos
President, Board of Trustees
Session at Miller Memorial Presbyterian Church


I am a resident of Maryland State and have been employed in MD. I had an issue with one of my previous employers regarding my taxes.

Although my employed deducted taxes from my paycheck, he did not accurately pay them to the IRS. Furthermore he misrepresented to the IRS by giving me a 1099 Misc. instead of W-2 for the two years I worked for him. That troubled me so much that I had to approach the Tax court in Maryland. All my effort went in vain.

It was at this juncture that I approached a CPA, Mr. Christopher Arunkumar, to handle my case. Chris helped a great deal in preparing my offer forms and also in submitting them to the IRS. All through our proceeding, he kept me informed about the responses we received from the IRS. Finally Chris gave me the good news that the IRS accepted our request and reduced the amount I had to pay them. I owed a total amount of $5,000 which was reduced to $100 as a result of Chris's efforts. I whole heartedly thank him for his services.

I would highly recommend him because he is competent and most importantly he cares for you by taking over your burdens.


"Pay now little or pay MORE later!" This is an accurate statement about how I was deciding to inform the IRS of my Canadian retirement accounts once I realized that I had an issue. I needed help from someone both experienced in this area and with an office close to my work and home. I correctly assumed that a lot of meetings would be required, and I wanted no disruption of my job with loss of pay.

I collected my 8 years of tax and other records as best I could, and Chris was able to present an OVDP package acceptable to the IRS. After nearly 2 years my matter was successfully resolved, and I can look forward to using my Canadian retirement funds in a few years time without fear of criminal prosecution and/or heavy civil fines at that time.


I met Christopher M. Arunkumar at a Conference in New Jersey in 2009. He was helping the organizers as one of the volunteers. I was impressed by his pleasing personality and efficient handling of the large number of participants and made contact with him. When I learned he was a C.P.A and has been helping churches, Christian and other NGO with their accounts, tax and other needs, I became very much interested as T. Mathew and myself, partners in our S-Corp, were looking for competent and dependable support to deal with financial planning, tax and similar areas of administration.

In our discussion with Chris, we realized that we had found the right person with competence, integrity and Christian values. We visited his office and house and met his family and he came to our New York office and we started our cooperation. He has proved his abilities and integrity since then in practical terms. We have found in him a great support for pursuing our effort to serve the community, maintaining proper administrative and management of the Company. I believe he was sent by God at the right time to help us to turn our vision in to a practical set up.

We hope to work with him in the years to come and would encourage any one in need of good and sound advice and honest and sincere dealings, to go to Christopher M. Arunkumar. We wish him all Blessings

~The Right Rev. Dr. George Ninan
Former Bishop of the CNI Diocese of Nasik, India
Chair, Christian Institute for South Asiamerican Concerns
Editor-in-Chief: The Meeting Point


Chris Arunkumar completed the most comprehensive and professionally presented tax returns for me. As an author, speaker, consultant & a Vice President in a Fortune 500 company, my taxes can be complicated to complete. Mr. Arunkumar completed them quickly, with great probing questions to ensure that all business expenses and revenue were accounted for. I was so impressed with the work he has done for me that my taxes will be completed by him going forward, and I will be referring everyone I know to him. Truly exceptional and friendly service coupled with accuracy and a polished touch.

~James LeGrand Author & Life Strategist


“Christopher Arunkumar is a consummate professional, with a unique combination of technical acumen and true practical experience. He approaches an assignment from the client’s perspective, attempting to understand the business needs and concerns before dictating to the client a long list of requirements. Chris knows that such a list may not be necessary and it is important to understand the business before providing tax and accounting services. I was very pleased with Chris’s work and if given the opportunity, I would utilize him again. He met his pre-agreed deadlines, produced high quality work, took the time to explain the results and throughout the process exhibited a high degree of professionalism.”

~Michael Madia
Chief Operating Officer, Fishermen’s Energy of New Jersey, LLC


We have been the client of Chris for both small business and personal accounts. And we have been extremely pleased with his services. He has been professional, thorough and always provided timely advice. He is knowledgeable and dedicated in getting the task done. We would highly recommend him.

~Shashank & Asmita Gokhale



I was referred to Chris through the Dave Ramsey ELP service for help in preparing my taxes. As a military member moving to a new location every few years, it was nice to be referred to someone with the expertise that Chris has. His skills as a CPA were exercised because of some out of the ordinary tax needs and he helped to navigate the process to a successful and beneficial resolution. If I knew of someone who needed help in the area of taxes, I would not hesitate to refer them to Chris. Mike, USAF" Thanks again for helping with the IL taxes and seeing that through.



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